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Fax:         (267) 6875085

Phone:   (267) 76569956

Okavango Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run/Walk and Health Expo
c/o The Okavango Cultural and Development Initiatives (TOCaDI)
P.O. Box 472
Shakawe, Botswana

For Inquiries in English:  

Dinah Sandoval
Chair Person
Okavango Half Marathon Committee
Tel: (267) 76569956

For Inquires in Setswana:

Saso Seeletso Montshiwa
Community Leader
Okavango Half Marathon Executive Committee
Tel: (267) 71553399

Directions to TOCaDI:

From the only tarred road in Skakawe, turn right after the sign for TOCaDI (near the Barclays Bank and Choppies).  You will turn onto dirt road, and need to stay on the middle path.  You will pass big tree on your left.  Continue straight until you reach the TOCaDI building.