Things to do

There are many things to see and do in the area around Shakawe.  Here are a few…


Dijo Deli  is the only cafe/restaurant that sells continental food outside of the lodges.  Continental cuisine as in pizzas, schnitzel  milkshakes, curries, etc. You must make a reservation for dinner by calling 72664791. The owners are Jazmin and Chris.

Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills Rock PaintingsWhile in the area be sure to visit Tsodilo Hills. Exploring the three main hills – Male, Female, and Child – is a journey into antiquity. Archaeological research – ongoing for the past 30 years – estimates that Tsodilo has been inhabited for the past 100 000 years, making this one of the world’s oldest historical sites. Pottery, iron, glass beads, shell beads, carved bone and stone tools date back 90 000 years.  Rock paintings are nearly everywhere – representing thousands of years of human inhabitation, and are among the region’s finest, and most important. There are approximately 4,000 in all, comprising red finger paintings and geometrics. It is almost certain that most paintings were done by the San, and some were painted by the pastoral Khoe who later settled in the area.

If you don’t have your own transport to Tsodilo Hills, TOCaDI will arrange that.  You must call to make your reservation.  Contact Coralie Goulinet-Mateo at 75871229

Boating on the Okavango Delta:

Delta Belle Houseboat Bed & Breakfast

      • Rates:  830 Pula per person, 600 Pula per person (if sharing)
      • Includes:  en-suite accomodation, english breakfast, tea and coffee
      • Contact info:,, 72468354, 71674278

Download more information on the Delta Belle by clicking on the links below:

Delta Belle General Info
Delta Belle Fact Sheet
Delta Belle Terms and Conditions
Delta Belle Slide Show

Drotsky’s offers boats for hire:
(Please note fuel is extra.  All boat prices include a driver/guide)

    • 18 foot boat (max. 4 people)   P225 per hour
    •  20 foot boat (max. 8 people)   P300 per hour
    •  The Lawrence of the Okavango  (max. 12 people)   P440 per hour
    •  The Sundancer (min. 10 people)  P130 per person per hour

Boats are also available through the following individuals in the Shakawe area:

    • Mr. Ryder (7173925)
    • Mr. Chucks (74965020)
    • Simon (73902236)

Visit the Krokavango Crocodile Farm, a huge tourist attraction with over 10,000 Nile crocodiles. Crocodile research projects are done here by various institutions.

Krokovango Crocodile


For Hikers:   TOCaDI offers a Cultural Trail Experience with options for daily or overnight trips.
Click on this link for itinerary and price:  TOCaDI Cultural Experience.
(If you are interested, please contact Coralie Goulinet-Mateo at 75871229)